Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tinkerbell and the Science Museum

After seeing "Tinkerbell" at the El Capitan in Hollywood and realizing that Tinkerbell got her name because "tinkering" was her talent, we decided to go "tinkerin'" too!
Charlene and I took the girls for a day out. We had lots of fun! The Tinkerbell movie was really good. The message "Do what you were created to do, and don't try to be someone else. Everyone was created for a special purpose and if they live up to that, that person will be a blessing to others around them" Is that ringing a Biblical bell??
After the movie, we took the girls to the Science Museum in Exposition Park.
They got to make goo, see the progression of a baby in a mother's womb, see their skin magnified 50 times, and compare their brains to that of a frog--what more could you want:).
Here are the pics!
There were cool animals in the discovery center

The girls are showing how hard our heart actually works

Tool shot for Dad

Future explorers

The Earl girls building a house--hey, didn't you girls just buy a house??

Malia's "whatever" pose

Chick magnets (get it?)

Girls--we can do this at home!;)

Malia and Char doing their own puppet TV show
This was a picture of the girls before the movie by the Kodak theatre

Thanks for another fun trip girls! We are making TONS of memories! Love you all!

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Jamie and Krista said...

Looks like fun! I am at a training with Char right now...she's so sweet!